Cisfinitum - Monochrome
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Cisfinitum - Monochrome

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‘Monochrome' is a eulogy to Dmitry Vasiliev, a music enlightener, a label owner, a journalist, an ardent devotee of experimental music. Initially the composer Eugene Voronovsky conceived 'Monochrome' as a futuristic 'hi-res' mass, an alchemical fusion of angelic chorales and dub techno pulsations. A dream-like transparency of the material is deceptive in masking its technical complexity. Thus, the rhythmic canvas is built of "non-square" rhythms - 7/8, 15/16, etc., from which the strong beat gains fluidity typical of Oriental music. Ambient textures are based on the works of the medieval composers Josquin des Prez, Guillaume de Machaut, Pérotin the Great. Through reverberation the sound is "placed" into authentic space of the Great Pyramid of Giza; it's a meaningful reference for the album, entitlted in its draft by Enochian key of the alchemist John Dee.

The news of Vasiliev's tragic death caught the author in rendering the final mix. Thus the meaning and the purpose of this year-long work were redefined. ‘Monochrome' became a funeral service for a dear friend, a person whose role for independent electronic music in Russia cannot be overestimated.

The epilogue track is available only in the digital version. Vasiliev reads out an endless procession of bands, projects and labels he lived through, talked and wrote about. So their names, their music comes to be his voice, and his voice becomes an invisible angelic staircase that binds now and forever.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Dmitry Vasilyev (31.12.1975 – 07.09.2018)

CD comes in a jewel case limited to 300 copies.

1. Riaiimi 08:22
2. Acovi 08:13
3. Abuw 06:55
4. Auyaea 06:15
5. Aueccuy 05:28
6. Rxawr 10:27
7. Qeouum 14:05
8. Monochrome 25:33

Cisfinitum - Abuw