Ens Imperfectissimum - lluminate E Aelimitate
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Ens Imperfectissimum - lluminate E Aelimitate

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Ens Imperfectissimum "Illuminate E Aelimitate" (A blackened Physical Ritual Recording in the veins of Zero Kama,Phurpa,Lashtal & Arktau Eos)

Ens Imperfectissimum bases his art on worship, work and devotion to the dead, not tied to a single path or spiritual practice. To connect with these spirits, instruments made with human bones are used, such as kanglins, clash of bones, among others, as well as whistles called "whistles of death" used in pre-Hispanic times. The combination of these elements results in a ritual dedicated to the dead, which are presented in a neat and sensible way according to the purpose of who calls them.

Opus dedicated to the devotees of the dead. To those who travel in the stark obelisk adorned with bones of the old aeon. To those who put candles to light the path of the emaciated. May the sound of the femurs and the drums of skulls in sheep's clothing be a constant rumble that connects us with those who once walked our paths.

CD comes in a 4-panel digi-sleeve.

Ens Imperfectissimum - lluminate E Aelimitate