Ex.Order - The Place Of Dead Roads
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Ex.Order - The Place Of Dead Roads

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Compiling rare and unreleased tracks from the late Nineties to 2010, ´The Place of Dead Roads´ is another heavy slab of complex and explosive noise electronics, analogue sound waves and pulsating rhythms with massive sample and vocal collages. Even though the tracks were recorded across a decade they come together as a single coherent entity due to their constant claustrophobic and oppressive nature.

Mastered by Secretlab. CD comes in a jewel case.

1. Justice Of Blinds 04:08
2. Opiate Of Combat 04:12
3. The Language Of War 05:36
4. Border Crossing 04:41
5. Crossroads 03:25
6. A Sense Of Unreality 04:24
7. Collapse 04:34
8. The Only Way To Heaven 04:50
9. Desert Eagle 06:08
10. Witness To An Execution 04:19

Ex.Order - The Place Of Dead Roads (excerpt)