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Fabio Orsi - Il Ricordo Improvviso Dell'Assoluto Stupore

The first Fabio Orsi Book of photography! Comes with a one-sided Picture Disc vinyl with one long exclusive track. The vinyl has a long track that is a sort of "summa" of Fabio Orsi musical world: like his early releases, "Il Ricordo Improvviso Dell'Assoluto Stupore" is deep drone ambient track, with distant guitars and a nostalgic touch. Hypnotic and melodic at the same time... Perfect complement and completion to his photos.

THE BOOK: "Taking in the 104 images, I begin to hear an urban beat resounding in my head. No words necessary and his images are full of description. I put tempo to the visual lyrics and come away with a sensory impression of the places described by Orsi’s well-traveled camera. Orsi’s genius is to create images that write their own melody. I see his pictures and hear his music."

–Larry C. Price, photojournalist. Ohio, USA
Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography, 1981
Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography, 1985


1 vinyl 12" Picture Disc Single-Sided
1 photographic BOOK with 220 pages released in hardbound cover
1 insert
1 postcard.

Limited to 300 copies.

1. Il Ricordo Improvviso Dell'Assoluto Stupore 19:12