Fabio Orsi - Endless Autumn
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Fabio Orsi - Endless Autumn

Each new album by Fabio Orsi is an experience apart. The atmospheres created by the Apulian artist, who lives in Berlin since few years, penetrate the smallest gaps of the cerebral cortex, just where the memory lives. Backwards is proud to present, in collaboration with Puglia Sounds, "Endless Autumn", a work that draws inspiration in its title from "Endless Summer", by the acclaimed Christian Fennesz, but shines with its own light anyway.

Entirely recorded between Taranto and Berlin, it embodies the environmental sounds that come from Puglia and German capital. Thanks to the technique of field recording, which has become one of the hallmarks of his music, Orsi captures the essence of the landscapes that he loves to observe, letting the listener fly with his mind over Apulian sunny coasts and countryside, up to German lush forests.

As in Proustian research of the days gone by, which starts from hearing rather than from smell, these sounds come together naturally with melancholic and slight electronic textures and guitar melodies. Despite the title, "Endless Autumn" is actually a perfect soundtrack for all seasons, because it portrays autumnal caducity, winterly paleness, vernal rebirth and summer heat at the same time.

CD comes in a clear-tray digipak limited to 1000 copies.

1. Part I 10:17
2. Part II 05:38
3. Part III 11:48
4. Part IV 10:00
5. Part V 14:56

Fabio Orsi - Endless Autumn