Fabio Orsi - Unchartered Waters
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Fabio Orsi - Unchartered Waters

  • Labels Zoharum
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With more than 30 albums under his belt, Fabio Orsi has been one of the leading figures of the Italian electronic scene for over 10 years now. In his work he experimented with folktronica, drones, field recordings, minimalism, and sampling.

As the title itself indicates, his latest album (and the first one released on Zoharum) is a journey into previously unknown areas. "Uncharted Waters" is a pulsating, multi-layered, multi-coloured 36-minute composition that can surprise current fans of the artist. It proves you can expect the unexpected from Fabio Orsi. At the same time, the melancholy hovering over the melodies and the atmosphere of this album links "Uncharted Waters" with previous releases of this Italian artist.

CD comes in an ecopak strictly limited to 300 copies.

1. Uncharted Waters 35:34

Fabio Orsi - Unchartered waters (excerpt)