Havdis - Nightbreeze
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Havdis - Nightbreeze

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Havdis and gterma would once again like to welcome all listeners back to the northern hinterlands, to experience the magnificent colours of the long summer nights, the strange shapes of the peculiar rocky landscapes and the inward journey into the expansive ocean of the mind. Ten introspective pieces of twilight music.

"Nightbreeze" is compiled from material spanning the last five years of Havdis' works and although the theme contrasts a bit with the previous cold and wintery album "The Hidden Islands", listeners will recognise the fine and slightly melancholic touch which is gently wrapping the overall twilight feel of the album. Once again the music is accompanied by the photography of Nina Benjaminsen, captured in the very same locations which has inspired the artist's compositions over the years.

1. Nothing But Pale Horizon
2. Silent Dawn
3. As The Moon Made Love To The Mountain
4. Blamyra
5. Sweet Silent Solitude
6. Beneath Stars Of Fall
7. Drops On An Inner Lake
8. Nightbreeze
9. Entering The Sheltered Waters Close To Harbour
10. Arcticmantra (Let Us Keep The Ice)

Havdis - As The Moon Makes Love To The Mountain