AB Intra - Henosis VI - XI
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AB Intra - Henosis VI - XI

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Ab Intra returns to Zoharum with a new piece of music. As the title suggests we’re dealing here with a continuation or an expansion of the ideas explored in Henosis I-V from 2016.

“Henosis VI-XI” takes us on a sound journey that unites (as “henosis in classical Greek stands for "oneness", "union" or "unity" ) the opposites on different symbolic levels. As much as album presents sound pallete that resembles the previous part it differs in terms of arrangement and composition presenting new, unknown and exciting side of Ab Intra project.

Taking the formula of “old plays new ways” Ab Intra once again presents music that’s strongly influencing listeners imagination. Composed, recorded and cover artwork by Radosław Kamiński

Album comes in 6 panel digipack limited to 300 copies.

3. HENOSIS IX 07:40
4. HENOSIS X 06:05
5. HENOSIS XI 10:27

AB Intra - Henosis VI - XI (Sampler)