Ager Sonus - Mithra
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Ager Sonus - Mithra

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On this atmospheric ambient album Ager Sonus takes us back in time as we join the Cult of Mithras.

"The cinnamon scented scroll lies perfectly aligned on your silken bed sheet, the black seal of a lion's head catches your gasp as it stares you down. The test has begun!

You stumble through the dark, your path a reflection of moonlight periodically piercing the clouds. Bare feet scrape rain soaked ground, the smell of wet earth and blood fills your exhausted breath. A faint glow signals you in the distance. Is this the beckoning you have been waiting for?"

The Roman deity “Mithras” appears in historical records of the late 1st century A.D., and disappears from it in the late 4th century A.D. Unlike the major mythological figures of Graeco-Roman religion no ancient source preserves the mythology of the god. All the information is therefore derived from depictions on monuments, and the limited mentions of the cult in literary sources.

The ancient cult of “Mithras” were especially popular among the Roman military who were intrigued by its mysteries. Worshippers of Mithras met in underground temples, now called “Mithraea”, which survived (to this day) in large numbers. The cult is rumored to have had its centre in Rome and was popular throughout the western half of the empire, as far south as Roman Africa and Numidia, as far north as Roman Britain and to a lesser extent in Roman Syria in the east.

Mithraism is viewed as a rival of early Christianity. In the 4th century, Mithraists faced persecution from Roman Christians and the religion was subsequently suppressed and eliminated in the empire by the end of the century.

Recommended for fans of instrumental ambient and video game/film soundtracks.

CD comes in 6-panel digipak.

1. The Settlement 05:49
2. Carpe Noctem 05:12
3. Beneath 08:15
4. Initiation 06:42
5. Dawn 05:13
6. Reborn 05:59
7. Ritual 07:22
8. Banished 09:06

Ager Sonus - Mithra