Anthesteria - Phobos 1953 (OST)
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Anthesteria - Phobos 1953 (OST)

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After releasing the appreciated game "Sublustrum" (Outcry) filled with the spirit of decadence, steampunk and sombre surrealism, spring 2010 saw the release of a new psychological quest - "Phobos 1953". The action takes place in March 1953 in an abandoned Soviet bunker - a place of strange experiments on the human psyche. The game explores such themes as the limits of mental possibilities, electronic voice phenomenon, experiments with thought-transference and the impact of fear on the human organism.

The game soundtrack, presented on this CD, embodies the projects concept in sound. Imbued with an industrial atmosphere, leisurely soundscapes turn into states of calm estrangement and isolationism. Excursions in to the unknown corners of the consciousness bring to its surface old memories and long forgotten yet vaguely familiar images...and laboratorial claustophobia grows into light melancholia. Thiis musical picture is performed in the trademark style of Anthesteria combining abstract dark ambient, melodic neoclassics and experimental sonic artifacts.

The release is packaged in a DVD-size double cardboard sleeve with full-colour cards depicting game locations and fragments of a book about mental suggestions from 1962. Released in co-operation with 7Hz Publishing.

1. 1953
2. Inside The Bunker
3. Psychokinesis
4. Mercurial Shower Facility
5. Electric Shadows
6. The Cell
7. Black March
8. Shortwave Solitudes
9. Electric Shadows (live)

Video 1. Phobos 1953 introduction - video 2. Phobos 1953 game play

9 track CD in DVD cardboard boxed sleeve. Running time 47:02.