God Body Disconnect - Spiral of Grief
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God Body Disconnect - Spiral of Grief

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God Body Disconnect presents his 7th solo album, Spiral of Grief. An introspective journey through a world of melancholia, where haunting questions of mortality and madness form the path.

B.M. Journal Entry 05/14/XXXX I’m lost. I can’t find who I am anymore. The threshold of sanity has been crossed so many times, I don’t know if I’ll ever make it back. I feel like my nose is hovering just above the waterline. I’m tired of frantically thrashing my legs to keep afloat, but there’s no choice, because below awaits the abyss. Its’ immense power keeps pulling me toward the darkness like a magnet. I know what’s down there. I’ve been there before, and I don’t ever want to go back. But, the wolves of hell have been sent to devour me, and there’s no calling them off. I wonder how long I can last…

For fans of post-rock atmospheres layered in lush sonic textures and the darkest melancholy.

Written, Produced, Performed - Bruce Moallem
Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath
VHS Audio treatment by Bruce Moallem

400 edition CD comes in a beautiful reverse board matte 6 panel digipak designed by Simon Heath.

1. The Furthest from God 03:13
2. Memories Become Distant Rooms 05:04
3. Weeping Arrows 05:42
4. Lost Within the Spiral of Grief 05:52
5. This is where I Disappear 06:00
6. The Fathomless Heart 04:40
7. Old Wounds Still Speak 05:21
8. In Search of Souls 06:02
9. At the Edge of the Cosmic Sea 04:59
10. Please Forgive and Release Me 05:44

God Body Disconnect - Spiral of Grief