Himukalt - Knife Through The Spine
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Himukalt - Knife Through The Spine

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Primitive, old school industrial, with an obsessive, post-mortem feel. This is the first CD edition of Himukalt’s cult 2018 LP (originally released on Malignant Records), remastered and including bonus material from the same recording sessions.

"There’s something uniquely old school and primitive at work here, capturing the claustrophobic, unsettled and fragmented sound of early Illusion of Safety or mid-late ‘80s industrial on a whole, contemporising it, and filling it in with an obsessive, post-mortem feel. Knife Through the Spine delivers a steady cascade of abstract sounds, festering with grinding pneumatic throb, coarse frequency blasts and sputtering electronic oscillations, with spliced snippets of processed, flanged vocals and a general sense of social anxiety and disaffection.

A unique and challenging take on heavy electronics for fans of Puce Mary, She Spread Sorrow, Atrax Morgue.

Himukalt is the Nevada-based project of the enigmatic Ester Kärkkäinen.

"For her first vinyl album, Knife Through the Spine, [Himukalt] has fully embraced the early 1990s power electronic scene, creating a dark, disturbing, and at times extremely aggressive record that has a tighter, more specific focus in its sound" (Brainwashed)

Recorded at Rommel, in pain and without Marie, in the wet and the dry of 2017, except for The American Redhead which was completed in 2020 out of source material from 2017. Ester Kärkkäinen: noise, voice, electronics, xerox

Artwork by Ester Kärkkäinen
Layout by Abby Helasdottir
Mastered by Martin Bowes, January 2021

CD comes in a 6-panel digipak.

1. Nude On Beach 05:32
2. Staggered, Crushed 06:02
3. I'm Afraid 08:11
4. Be Sure Of Your Diagnosis (Version) 05:42
5. Social Anxiety #1 05:20
6. Want You To See Me (The Voyeur Tapes #10) 02:58
7. Social Anxiety #2 04:08
8. The American Redhead 09:29

Himukalt - Knife Through The Spine (excerpt)