Hybryds - Music For Rituals
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Hybryds - Music For Rituals

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Zoharum is again continuing its quest to re-issue gems past and present including past works from this 1980's underground act - Hybryds. The third instalment in this series is the extended 2CD release of their first CD album 'Music For Rituals'.

Sandy Nys talsk about the album: "The music was like the first tape release, made in different places with different people on a 4-track Tascam cassette recorder. I also started making mail art music with musicians from far away in the world (no Internet back then) sending back music on cassette tape which I then used in compositions. In this music, Yasnala and her cello + voice became prominent as we started working together. The rarities CD contains some stuff which I did with Alpha Project aka Mark Burghgraeve (Somnambulist, Mibryo, Klinik etc....).

The album is released as a double CD and limited to 500 copies.

CD1 Music For Rituals (74:54)
1. A Door To Perception
2. The Garden At The Sea
3. Dark Ages
4. Aquahypno
6. Apas
7. Ritual For Quetzal Coati
8. Le Crie D'Enfer
9. La Voix Qui Prononce Mon Propre Nom
10. The Man With No Shadow
11. Agape
12. Vayu
13. Drifting Moon
14. Introspection
15. Ros Caelestis
16. Coda

CD2. Rarities And Unreleased (74:30)
1. Crowds Of People
2. Azjemz
3. Saxapulations
4. Soundpainting Part 2
5. Girl Hunter: Dabide No Hoshi: Bishôjo-Gari

Hybryds - Dark Ages