IDFT - The Great Gate
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IDFT - The Great Gate

  • Labels Noctivagant
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New release from the dark and mighty Noctivagant label from the US.

The Great Gate subtly draws you into a trance state. Hypnotic undertones guide and calm the senses.
Tones majestic as mountain tops guide the spirit.
I let the soundscapes engulf me and welcome them to weave their tales within my mind.
IDFT washes away the outer world and opens the gateway to my inner self.
I am entwined in sound, vision and creation.
It has activated primitive thought and emotion.
It has awakened movement through light, shadow and darkness...
How can I feel empty yet know I'm fulfilled?

CD comes in a custom digi-sleeve limited to 49 copies!

1. RS 01:46
2. ZT 06:21
3. eRD 04:48
4. FH 08:32
5. NT 06:40
6. YUt 07:59
7. Kulj 02:52
8. KT 05:49
9. Kelo 10:24
10. MW 06:57