IRM - Virgin Mind
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IRM - Virgin Mind

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Recorded as far back as 2001-2002, and first released on Cold Meat Industry in 2005, IRM’s highly acclaimed third album 'Virgin Mind' is finally re-released. The album marked a radical change in the band's direction, leaving the power electronics opera of 'Oedipus Dethroned' for an even more ritualistic, experimental and epic sound.

'Virgin Mind' was recorded in an analog 24 channel recording studio and included a variety of vintage synthesizers and acoustic instruments such as trombones, organs, pianos, violins, and percussions. This was the soundtrack for IRM’s now infamous, bloody performance actions (heavily inspired by the spectacles of Hermann Nitsch and the Vienna Actionists), which often led to open fistfights between the band and the venue managers.

'Virgin Mind' is a bleak and disturbing work which resonates even stronger in today's watered down industrial music scene. The double CD set includes brand new artwork from founding member Martin Bladh.

DCD comes in a 4-panel full-colour glossy Digipak. Limited to 300 copies.

CD 1:
1. CD1_01_Janus 10:06
2. CD1_02_Aktion Anathem 05:57
3. CD1_03_Love Chamber: I 06:29
4. CD1_04 My Mother 03:38
5. CD1_05_Silver Bells 04:56
6. CD1_06_The Actor 03:59
7. CD1_07 Birth's Mark Of Cruelty 10:57
8. CD1_08_The Nervescales 10:51

CD 2:
9. CD2_01_Two Bodies 08:36
10. CD2_02_Love Chamber II 10:55
11. CD2_03_Umbic Burns 05:19
12. CD2_04_Stage Lights 05:04
13. CD2_05_Revelation: Pure 06:21
14. CD2_06_Virgin Mind 12:24
15. CD2_07_Sebastian 07:32

IRM - My Mother