gc/nc - Deprecated
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gc/nc - Deprecated

gc / nc is an electroacoustic duo based in Belgium and the Netherlands, consisting of Sjoerd Leijten and Patrick Bossink. They play instant electronic compositions using self-programmed software and self-made controllers.

DEPRECATED is the result of a residency at studio Klangendum inside WORM in Rotterdam (NL). During this residency they explored the realm of broken, obsolete and unwanted sounds and experimented with various classic synths (a.o. ARP 2500, Serge), combined with bicycle wheels, guitars, radios and audio programming environment SuperCollider.

Through the use of magnets, reed switches and arduino's (microcontrollers) in conjunction with audio coding environment SuperCollider, gc / nc turn bicycles into electroacoustic instruments. The wheels of the bicycle are controlling the sound of their instruments – a guitar and a synthesizer. The musicians have to spin the wheels to produce sound. The bicycle wheels open up new sound possibilities for the musicians, but function also as disruptive elements, a voluntary self-sabotage, since they are not able to play their instruments in the conventional manner. Piezo discs enable them to use the bicycle as a percussive instrument and to create tones with the spokes. A radio is used to record small fragments of radio channels which are directly used in the performances. When on tour, gc / nc always borrow a bicycle from a local, which they then prepare for the concert.

CD comes in a 4-panel digipak.

1. Cycle 02:30
2. By Whips One Makes Dogs 04:22
3. Backtech 04:39
4. Think As A Species 03:18
5. Wheel 05:04
6. Spoken 04:28
7. This Method 03:10
8. Finag 05:53