Empusae - Iter in Tenebris Expanded LP
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Empusae - Iter in Tenebris Expanded LP

After the therapeutic album Lueur (featuring vocals by Colin H. Van Eeckhout from Amenra), Sal-Ocin continues the exorcism by composing a new album. Through the medium of old 78 rpm phonograph records from the early 1900, each song captures a different demon. Resulting in a dark and ghostly ambient post-industrial soundtrack from oblivion.

Recordings and compositions by Nicolas “Sal-Ocin” Van Meirhaeghe.
Additional guitars by Marc T.
Mixed and mastered by Marc T.
Artwork and design by Christel Morvan aka Nesisart.

This limited edition vinyl includes the regular LP + 4 separate AR (augmented reality) artwork illustrating each song of the album..