Empusae - Iter in Tenebris LP
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Empusae - Iter in Tenebris LP

After the therapeutic album Lueur (featuring vocals by Colin H. Van Eeckhout from Amenra), Sal-Ocin continues the exorcism by composing a new album. Through the medium of old 78 rpm phonograph records from the early 1900, each song captures a different demon. Resulting in a dark and ghostly ambient post-industrial soundtrack from oblivion.

Recordings and compositions by Nicolas “Sal-Ocin” Van Meirhaeghe.
Additional guitars by Marc T.
Mixed and mastered by Marc T.
Artwork and design by Christel Morvan aka Nesisart.

12' black Vinyl with AR (augmented reality) artwork by Christel Morvan (Nesisart).