Ajna - The Enigma Of Sirius
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Ajna - The Enigma Of Sirius

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Ajna returns to Winter-Light with his first solo album on our label 'The Enigma Of Sirius', having previously collaborated with Onasander on their 'Canidia' release.

Ancient tribes and civilisations such as The Dogon, The Egyptians and the Sumerians to name a few, claim to have had contact with extraterrestrials from the Sirius star system (Sirius A, B & C) anywhere from 5,000-10,000 years ago.

These ancient civilisations obtained advanced and extensive knowledge on the occult, physics, astronomy. mathematics etc without any modern technology, this knowledge was mostly likely given to them by extraterrestrials. The Dogon themselves claim that they have a secret portal that directly connects them to the Sirius star system where they also describe that it is the place where many departed souls dwell.

These 10 tracks evoke the mystery of how humans have contacted and/or have been contacted by otherworldly entities since the dawn of time.

Recorded, composed and produced by Chris F
Photography by Chris F
Artwork, cover and design by Winter-Light
Mastered by Ronald Mariën (Stratosphere)

© Ajna 2022
© Winter-Light 2022

CD comes in a 4-panel digisleeve, limited to 300 copies.

1. Hypergeometric Portal
2. Secrets of The Dogon
3. Trans-Yuggothian Spaces
4. Contact With Cosmological Entities
5. In Between Worlds
6. Invisible Companion
7. Orbit of Digitaria
8. Nommo
9. Star of The Tenth Moon
10. The Place of Departed Souls

Ajna - The Enigma Of Sirius