God Body Disconnect - The Mist Between Mirrors
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God Body Disconnect - The Mist Between Mirrors

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God Body Disconnect presents us his third album on Cryo Chamber. An atmospheric journey dealing with loneliness and solitude.

A desperate dream shaped by loneliness. A dwelling place behind the world, disconnected from oneself. The cycle of becoming and unbecoming the wrong person. It is only when forced to question mortality, that everything begins to change. The beginning comes with an end.

Layered guitar builds walls of sound on top of textured field recordings and spoken word. Recommended for fans of film soundtracks and cinematic ambient.

"The grief of the living is like a cavernous dream A never ending descent on a flight without wings Blinding doors lead to oceans, the apparitions of truth Each mirror, a reflection of stairs through a tomb A sleeper has awakened, and a God has died Yet we mourn upon the backs of ghosts inside But if you look to the north, there’s a river with an infinite flow Beyond the vast sepia fields, you can feel its beckoning glow Like the existence of stars within the forests of men Through the thicket of the abyss, awaits a beginning and an end"

CD comes in a 6-panel digipak.

1. Grief of the Living 08:16
2. Blinding years 10:40
3. The Longer I Dream, the More Disconnected I Become 07:02
4. Where our ghosts disappear 08:19
5. The Existence of Stars 06:19
6. Old Feelings Always Return 05:18
7. Another Lullaby from the Abyss 08:37

God Body Disconnect - Another Lullaby From The Abyss