Kloob - Cryptic Interactions
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Kloob - Cryptic Interactions

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“An intricate & enigmatic journey full of emotional and melancholic passages”.

Since the dawn of time, mankind has witnessed the most amazing and strange paranormal experiences. Many of our ancestors interpreted those events as spiritual signs and visits from their gods. Diverse civilization leaders inculcated fervently the adoration, and even the fear, towards almighty gods, in an attempt to indoctrinate people.

Are those phenomena really caused by a ‘foreign essence’ or are they a figment of human imagination? Turning the screw even further, is that ‘foreign essence’ performing individually for each brain involved in that abnormal situation? The facts show that, very often, the experiences fit in with the beliefs, social context, education and background of the witnesses.

Many thanks to Frederic Arbour for his solid mastering work and also Alonso Urbanos for his amazing cover artwork.

Cdr comes in a 4-panel full-colour digipak, limited to 100 copies.

1. Unusual Stage 10:01
2. Invisible Reactions 07:12
3. Inner Ritual 06:32
4. Encrypted Feedback 08:24
5. Fascinating Flow 06:36
6. Profound Invocation 07:40
7. Spectral Rage 07:02
8. Ghostly Presences 06:46

Kloob - Spectral Rage