Kloob - Remarkable Events
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Kloob - Remarkable Events

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We welcome the return of ‘Kloob’ to our label for his first full-length album on Winter-Light. ‘Kloob’ had previously contributed a collaborative track for our ‘…that first season’ DCD compilation.

Here on 'Remarkable Events', Kloob has brought a darker, much more intense, rich feel to his music, quite different from some of his previous works. The tracks switch between dark and light and you can feel the influence of his recent Eastern travels, crackling in the air, in the field recordings, in the synth sweeps and patterns and in the sonic landscapes that the album creates and carries you along. Make no mistake, this is not an album filled with the chants of Hindu monks and the busy clatter of every day Indian life. It is an intensely spiritual album, which for its duration will take you along the same paths traversed by the artist himself.

Here are a few words of introduction about 'Remarkable Events' from Dani Kloob himself, where he got his inspiration from and how his ideas arose.

'I started work on a couple of songs in April (2016). I wanted to make a mix of tracks similar to my previous album 'Solid Foundations', but with a deeper, more intimate feel and also to take advantage of my new studio gear. During that summer, I continued working on the tracks but at a slower pace.

But things definitely turned around once autumn arrived. The three weeks of October spent in South India were crucial. Landscapes, people, exotic locations, ancient customs, the smell of spices, Hinduism... all were very helpful to shape the album. In addition, field recordings I made provided me with unique and special sounds that represent one of most visible signs of identity of this project. Track titles show, above all, memorable places where I felt great and things that occurred to me before, during and after travelling there.

In addition, I wanted to make another album where bright and dark tracks live together in harmony overlapping with coherence. It´s one of the things I like most in working with an album. It´s a bit like life itself.

At the beginning of the year 2017, nine definitive tracks were still uncompleted, but heading in the right direction. By the end of April 2017, at last, the work was almost done and in May I begun to talk to Max Corbacho for the mastering.'

All music by Kloob.
Mastered by Max Corbacho.
Cover artwork and design by Midnight Sun Studio.

© Kloob 2018
© Winter-Light 2018

The Glass Mastered CD comes in a full-colour 4-panel digipack. The album is comprised of 9 tracks, total running time 69:11.

Digital available via Bandcamp.

1. Astral Being (08:46)
2. Desprendido (07:09)
3. Superstition Everywhere (05:40)
4. Kochi Sunset (10:07)
5. Exhuberante (06:42)
6. Magic Tea Fields (06:35)
7. Dream World (05:38)
8. Zoroastrian Tower Of Silence (10:24)
9. Hampi Views (08:07)

Kloob - Remarkable Events

Kloob - Remarkable Events Official Promo video


Sonic Immersion

'The 70-minute result, mastered expertly by Max Corbacho, offers a rich, multi-layered and expansive sounding kaleidoscope of in-depth soundscapes besides a few sequenced sections travelling through space, time as well as enigmatic realities beyond.' - Bert Strolenberg

Vital Weekly

'I would believe that Kloob has a strong love for synthesizers, lots of effects and maybe some heavily processed set of field recordings (from South India no doubt though we are warned “this is not an album filled with the chants of Hindu monks and the busy clatter of every day Indian life”) and since this is on Winter-light you know which route is taken; the journey into the dark, nocturnal landscapes, but perhaps, so I was thinking it is also possible to see some heavy exotic air in this is slow music. Everything that happens here happens in a slow manner. There is no quick movements or rapid changes and in the nine long pieces (total length of the album is seventy minutes) here it all builds in the same peaceful manner.' - Frans de Waard