Mathias Grassow - Tamanoshima
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Mathias Grassow - Tamanoshima

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Travels on dim ethereal oceans of mystery should be familiar waters to those of you who have been following gterma for some time now. On Tamanoshima, Mathias brings us into unchartered vistas for a slightly mindbending and hypnotic journey into minimal soundworlds. A warm and glowing drift based on material composed in the summer of 2013.

Just like the music on the previous album Uttarakuru, Tamanoshima is a very minimal compositon, much like endless waves crashing in on a long and empty waterfront, an imaginary ocean relentless and eternal.

1. Jewel Island
2. The Stellar Ship
3. Dissolving Horizon
4. Eternal Drift

Four tracks, total running time 79:47. That is what I call filling a CD to the max.

Mathias Grassow - Tamanoshima (excerpts)