Mathias Grassow - The Darklight Quest
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Mathias Grassow - The Darklight Quest

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One of the strangest and most fascinating aspects of ambient music is the way it can sometimes morph from sonic wallpaper -where it basically functions as a soundtrack- into an agent of transformation, allowing the reshaping of the perceived world around the listener. Some of Mathias' albums have had this effect on me before, and the Darklight Quest definitely falls into this territory. gterma is happy to shine a light on this now mostly forgotten treasure.

The Darklight Quest is a longform drone ambient album with mystical properties. It was originally released as a DIY CDr in 1998. The album is closely related to the Nightquest and Dreamquest Sessions. This edition has been slightly edited and expanded with a prelude. It has also received a mastering touch by Anders Peterson of Ghost Sounds.

1. Prelude
2. The Abyss
3. Unseen Worlds
4. Beyond Nothingness

Four tracks, total running time 77:00.

Mathias Grassow - The Darklight Quest