Pan and Me - Paal
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Pan and Me - Paal

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On PAAL Christophe Mevel continues the intelligent song writing of the Dale Cooper Quartet with a different approach - the arrangements are not jazz-orientated like those he sets up with the other Dale musicians on the two classics 'Parole de Navarre' and 'Metamanoir'. But although the solo work is rather piano- and electronic-driven and contains field recordings, choir sounds and string elements, the experimental and detail orientated method of operation stays the same.

The first track “The Lighthouse at Two Lights” for example combines viola melodies in the stlye of Badalamenti with the hypnotic rhythm of crackles we loved on Oval's "Systemisch". “Unalaska” on the other hand evokes through a melodic piano motif reminescent of some abstract works in the series Made To Measure (Hector Zazou, Wim Mertens and Peter Principle). The usage of different other instrumental mix syncopated rhythms and repetitive melodies ends in a ghostly soundtrack for your imaginary film. « A week ago we left Dutch Harbor after spending nine days. This music was recorded between the Makushin Bay & Kashega Bay in February 2010. Our first stop, Makushin Bay, is an old village site. Only some grey wood, a wooden cross and a fallen roof was left of it. We tried to catch crabs with a self-made pot. July brought some summer weather: 12-15 deg C (upper 50s) and a glimpse of sun. However, clouds didn't lift so much that we could have seen the mountain tops. The next anchorage, Kashega Bay was a former village as well. Over there was more junk left, fallen houses, rusty steel and grey logs. An eagle was sitting on a rusty bed. The next day was even more foggy. The white moist surrounded everything and the landscape vanished. » Pan & Me.

For Fans Of Max Richter, Fennesz and The Dale Cooper Quartet

1.The Lighthouse at Two Lights 10:21
2.Unalaska 03:07
3.The Everlasting Fog 04:03
4.Bush Leaf Dreaming 07:22
5.53º 18' N 167º 52' W 06:35
6.The Clearing 04:09

Pan and Me - The Lighthouse At Two Lights