Paul Schutze - The Sky Torn Apart
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Paul Schutze - The Sky Torn Apart

The sky tore apart and the sun curdled like a diseased eye.
Below, where once a continent of ice spanned the horizon,
there lay nothing but a vast expanding mirror, implacable and silent.
For days, clouds of flying creatures scoured it’s surface for purchase before falling exhausted into their own reflections.

This work is a reflection on the uncanny parralells found in our anthropogenic environmental transformation and the Nordic myths of Ragnarök in which the earth is subsumed by water as a consequence of divine conflict. In the myth, the world emerges from the waters reborn and purged.

Paul Schütze has worked for over thirty years as an artist in the fields of, photography, video, sound and installation. He was a founding member of Australian experimental band Laughing Hands and of Phantom City: an international collective of musicians working both live and virtually from points across the globe. He has performed with sound & film works in over a dozen countries and released over thirty albums of original music. His works have been exhibited in numerous international galleries and museums (V&A, The Hayward, Reina Sofia, IVAM, British Museum). His photographic work is held in both public and private collections including The British Museum... more Paul Schütze composition, programming, performance & production, London 2018 Clive Bell - Mutant Shakuhachi Thanks to Alessandro Tedeschi, Andrew Hulme, Clive Bell & Kevin Pollard For Chris

CD 6 panels digipack ltd edition in black mettalic colour and empossed parts

1. The Sky Torn Apart_part1 26:12
2. The Sky Torn Apart_part2 30:39

Paul Schutze - The Sky Torn Apart