Oneirogen - Kiasma
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Oneirogen - Kiasma

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With ONEIROGEN, Mario Diaz de Leon creates his own style of hallucinatory music, merging ethereal synths, brutal distortion, dark ambient and noise. The project was initiated in 2012 with the release of "Hypnos", which garnered widespread acclaim among fans of experimental and heavy music for its varied and cinematic intensity.

While maintaining a strong electronic (and unclassifiable) sound, "Kiasma" offers an intensification of the metal elements present on the debut. Throughout the albums walls of drumless ditortion, melody is a prominent feature, with tracks such as "Numina", "Mutilation", "Pathogen", and "Mortisomnia" exploring revelatory intersections of heavy synths and guitars. The 14-minute "Katabasis" opened nearly every live show in 2012, and is rooted in drone/doom metal, with elements of modern classical and noise. "Gauze" and "Imminence" serve as haunting interludes, and are concise takes on bleak and cold melody. Ranging from melancholic to brutally foreboding, another immersive and visionary album by ONEIROGEN.

1. Numina
2. Pathogen
3. Mutilation
4. Imminence
5. Katabasis
6. Gauze
7. Mortisomnia

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