Otavan Veret - Syvys
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Otavan Veret - Syvys

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"Syvys” is the second demonstration of how Finland’s OTAVAN VERET decipher the pulse of the great cosmic filaments. The radiation from the distant otherness takes audible form in four pieces of ethereal, pulsating atmospherics, where the multitude of transmissions is implemented via a curious amalgam of electronic and acoustic sources operated by Kaarna & XVL. As a result "Syvys” reflects the many phases of a stellar journey in a dreamlike state, encountering both enchantment and anxiousness.

Edition of 300 copies in 6 panel Digipak. 4 Tracks. Running Time 49:54

1. I 15:11
2. II 12:22
3. III 12:13
4. IV 10:00

Otavan Veret - Syvys