Rapoon - Rhiz
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Rapoon - Rhiz

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We would like to present another album in Rapoon reissue series. And this is an unusual album. Released in 2002, "Rhiz" is an album with ... dance music. Robin Storey continued to use distinctive elements for his work, such as blurry vocal samples and drones sound passages, but rhythm is in the forefront in six "Rhiz" tracks.

A good ear will find here elements from leftfield electronica, IDM and even acid house. But this is a difficult album, despite these surprising rhythms, especially for those accustomed to ambient spaces usually created by Robin Storey.

The new album was remastered, while the cover was designed from scratch and expanded with additional photos from the same session.

The CD is housed in a digipak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies.

1. Gupta Highway 11:17
2. Ho Gaya Can 10:37
3. Hunters and Pardesi 09:17
4. LagaKe Swan 13:48
5. Future Sajna 09:01
6. Last Stop 15:11

Rapoon - Hunters and Pardesi