Ruptured World - Archeoplanetary
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Ruptured World - Archeoplanetary

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Ruptured World - Archeoplanetary Ruptured World is back with a new album, Archeoplanetary, expanding on the storyline of previous album, Exoplanetary, and presenting an intriguing prequel to its atmosphere of cosmic horror and its prevailing themes of supraliminal close encounters and unknown worlds.

Scotland, 1936. Dr Archibald Macrae of the Transatlantic Institute of Archaeological Investigations has made a critical discovery. He recovers an array of materials compiled by his colleague and mentor, Dr Marian Tarknassus, who has disappeared five years earlier while working on the mysterious ancient scripts of the Pictish Ogham.

As Macrae begins to apply the cipher of Tarknassus and unlock the secrets of the recovered transcripts, he is led on a journey over the North Sea coasts in search of enigmatic clues and relics that reveal the possible whereabouts of his missing academic cohort and friend. At the same time, he reveals startling evidence of the prospect of an extra-terrestrial presence on Earth that precedes the limits of recorded history. A prescient knowledge is uncovered that envisages future scenes of intergalactic voyages and the far-flung habitats of strange beings from distant worlds.

Archeoplanetary combines cavernous space drones with ethereal soundscapes and the evocations of haunted pianos that remind us of the fragile proximity of human life to the hostile conditions of unexplored cave systems and the vast proportions of the void.

Recommended for fans of cinematic dark ambient and spoken word.

CD comes in full colour 6-panel digipak.

1. Rituals of Attainment Through Time 05:40
2. The Revelations of the Cipher - Deciphering the Pictish Ogham 07:14
3. The Haven
4. Passages of Exposition
5. The Grim Repasts of Cullen Shores
6. The Enigma of St John's
7. The Aura of Drostan's Well
8. Descent into the Underworld
9. The Portents of Crovie

Ruptured World - Passages Of Exposition