Ruptured World - Shore Rituals
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Ruptured World - Shore Rituals

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Ruptured World presents an album that diverges from the Planetary series to bring us this vivid exploration of the northerly coasts.

For centuries, the shore dwellers have practiced their rituals in appeasement of the eldritch legions of the deep. The gods of tempests are summoned to stay their wrath. The gods of precious boons are petitioned to provide fish and plunder for the tribal enclaves. The gods of the shimmering tides are beckoned for the gifts they proffer of golden glistening.

Shore Rituals contemplates the enigmas of the sea and brings a world of oceanic mysteries to the threshold of our understanding.

Written, Produced, Performed, Texts - Alistair Rennie
Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath

CD comes with a beautiful 6 panel digipak & 8 page booklet with text by Alistair Rennie and art by Simon Heath. Limited to 400 copies.

1. The Merman 04:28
2. Black Tides Harken to the Summons of Eons 04:32
3. The Silencing Tide 04:08
4. The Whale's Mouth 07:32
5. Radio Signature Interludium 02:34
6. Catharsis II 04:38
7. The Human Vessel 04:06
8. Bow Fiddle Rock 04:44
9. The Unexplained Fury 05:04
10. The Three Kings 07:32

Ruptured World - Shore Rituals