Ruptured World - Void Rituals
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Ruptured World - Void Rituals

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Ruptured World returns with a second "Rituals" album of instrumental tracks, combining space ambient with radio art and occasional flurries of trumpet sounds with enigmatic field recordings.

The void of the stars is not an empty one. It is a thriving vessel of cosmic bodies and the unaccountable vastness of the ultra-deep field.

"Void Rituals" imagines the visions of the Seers of ancient pasts and unknown futures, projecting their mind's eye into the scattered minutia of the spacetime continuum. They invoke the enchantments of the arcane scripts of "The Book of Origins" and recite the edicts drawn from the legacies of the First Gazers Upon the Pavilion. They are the archivists of an old yearning—the legislators of untold dreamscapes—privy to the secret motions of distant worlds and the ways of the gods who oversee them.

Written, Produced, Performed - Alistair Rennie
Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath

300 edition CD comes in a beautiful matte 6 panel digipak with artwork by Simon Heath