Maciek Szymcuk - Music For Cassandra
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Maciek Szymcuk - Music For Cassandra

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“Music for Cassandra” is the latest solo album of Maciek Szymczuk. Ten new tracks present the musical tale of mythological Cassandra and death – as an all-pervasive and inevitable force. The rhythm of steps of the Death, which walks the world like on medieval engravings, defines the axis which Maciek Szymczuk has built his songs around. Despite the gloomy topic, the album is filled with bright and spacious songs – moody ambient landscapes are intertwined with melodic compositions here. On “Music for Cassandra” Maciek Szymczuk refers to the atmosphere of his previous releases – soothing and deeply contemplative. Meditative, trance-like aura accompanies us throughout the entire, 40-minute, instrumental only album with guest appearance from live percussion, string and wind instruments.

The release of this album takes place on 11th July during the 17th Ambient Festival in Gorlice where Maciek Szymczuk which plays a concert promoting his latest release. Like with the previous album (“Clouds”, Zoharum 2013), “Music for Cassandra” is accompanied by a smaller releases. Our Bandcamp features a single, which in addition to the track entitled “The Seer” includes four remixes of songs from “Music for Cassandra” (by Micromelancolié, Gaap Kvlt, Echoes of Yul, Kuba Łuka), which are a perfect complement to the main album.

The cover is designed by Tomasz Gut. It is mastered by Kuba Łuka.

The album is released in a digipak in a strictly limited edition of 400 copies.

Maciek Szymczuk - The Seer