Maeror Tri - Peak Experience
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Maeror Tri - Peak Experience

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On 'Peak Experience', the masters of guitar-oriented Drone music were still quite noisy and expressive. Industrial collages break through the already recognisable transcendental drone to blow you out.

Recorded in December 1988, 'Peak Experience' found earlier cassette editions released on the 'Harsh Reality Music' and 'Bestattungsinstitut' labels. It was in 2005 then re-released on a limited CD-r pressing of 200 copies only, long ago sold out. Now its finally available again on CD in a limited Digibook version, exactly 25 years from the date of recording. A quarter of a century is a long time, especially for industrial music , but Maeror Tri with their "Peak Experience" passes this test with confidence. Despite the modest equipment, it seems that this album does survive another one or more quarter of a century , while remaining interesting , inspiring and dissolving .....

Edition comes in a beautiful hard backed Digipack limited to 250 copies.

1. My Electrocution
2. Sneaking movement
3. Sensory Deprivation
4. Cursed Colours
5. Boundary To Insanity 5 (White Noise In My Head)
6. Talita Kum!
7. Translucent Vault
8. Wovoka
9. The Threat
10. Endless Space
11. The Last Perception

Maeror Tri - Boundary To Insanity 5