Modelbau - Ypsilon (Cassette)
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Modelbau - Ypsilon (Cassette)

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Under the name Modelbau hides the Dutch musician and reviewer Frans de Waard, well-known in the world of underground electronic music. Since 1984 Frans has been involved in many different projects: Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen, Wander, Freiband, Quest, Goem, Zebra are just a few names to which he relates. As of today, his main solo project is Modelbau, in which he plays minimalist experimental electronics.

The album "Ypsilon" recorded in October 2017 includes two 45-minute pieces with a smooth development of the plot. In the first track the layers of dense synth drone and mild noise waves morph into completely minimalistic fragments of stripped down to the bone low frequencies, which then gradually reappear in the flesh of atonal vibrations and ultra-slow modulations. The second piece is a very quiet and tranquil slow-evolving sonic field reminiscent of the works of Eliane Radigue from the 70's and 80's.

The release is dedicated to the memory of the untimely departed music journalist and publisher Dmitry Vasilyev (Independent Electronic Music, Monochrome Vision, Alone At Last).

90-minute audio cassette limited to 47 copies.

1. Yesterday Afternoon 45:36
2. Yesterday Evening 44:3