Muslimgauze - Wish Of The Flayed
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Muslimgauze - Wish Of The Flayed

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Recorded On Sunday June 2nd 1996.

This album was given on cassette to Steven Wilson the day after it was recorded and was never sent to any label.

Tracks 1 and 9 previously released (track 9 in an edited version) on "Tajik And Persian Blind" (CD2 of the set Fatah Guerrilla) as follows:

Wish Of The Flayed = Shishla Nain Royal Bidjar
Rust Blue Qashqa = Imam Shamil 1837

1. Wish of The Flayed
2. Shadow Of Hope Diminishing
3. Isfahanic Sheikh
4. Anti And A AK-47
5. Muta Safavid
6. Hafizz Maidan
7. Lozenge Motif
8. Abode Of Turquoize
9. Rust Blue Qashqa

Limited edition of 300 copies in a jewel case.

Muslimgauze - Abode Of Turquoize