Nihil Impvlse - Stasis
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Nihil Impvlse - Stasis

A deposition of cold electronics and harsh frequencies to testify to the perpetual stagnation of reality. Nothing ever changes except the means through which this successful illusion is maintained.

"Stasis" is an exploration, in seven chapters, of the diagrams of the power mechanisms caging us in an invisible prison: civilization. From the anointing ritual of ecstatic pain engrafting the mental germ, to its own epiphany, and to the final revelation: the word "stasis" in ancient Greek meant not only stillness but also rebellion, and the realization of this leads the individual to struggle towards conquest and freedom.

Put your hand on the pyre, life turns in an ordeal of awareness.

CD comes in a 4-panel digipak.

1. Krankheitsfelder 04:00
2. Psychik Plague 05:50
3. Thanatological Singularity 06:18
4. Zeitgeist Penthotal 06:10
5. A Prison Within A Prison 09:10
6. Prophets Of Fall 07:38
7. To All Our Futures These Ruins Shall Return 08:08