Otavan Veret - Otavan Veret
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Otavan Veret - Otavan Veret

  • Labels Cyclic Law
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Otavan Veret is yet another addition to the ever growing Cyclic Law family. Hailing from mystical Finland, the project is from the minds of Kaarna (Tervahäät, Slave's Mask, Anima Artica Label etc) & Kivelä. Their first self-titled album is a conceptual journey towards the vastness of the universe, where one would simply seep into and become one with these amorphous territores. A calm, epic, massive and monotonously rich curtain of ritualistic sonorities escalates as radiant timbres morph like an aurora borealis amongst stellar luster. Ever present is the uttermost distance, deep as lethargy, soothing as still waters and affective as phantoms.

Edition of 500 copies in a 6-panel digi-pack. Running time 50:00.

Otavan Veret - S/T (excerpt)