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Italy's sound and visual master SVART1 returns with "Satanische Helden" - an aural exploration of eastern demons and an in-depth view on the various incarnations of the devil himself in eastern cultures.

Following the impressive work of "Der Schnitter" and the field recording-intermezzo "Praha", SVART1 continues its row of stunning, high quality releases with its label debut on Industrial Culture. "Satanische Helden" - a title that is merely a tribute to November Novelets "More Satanic Heroes" - is the next impressive proof of the pure quality of SVART1; an intense mixture of dark brooding ambient, organic ritual and rhyttmic-harsh industrial straight from the deep pits below.

First copies come with exclusive A3 poster of the front cover - lovely work! 10 tracks, approximate running time 56:40 minutes.

1. Baphomet
2. Abduxue
3. Ade
4. Ahriman Ante
5. Iblis
6. Angra Mainyu
7. Samael
8. Rashnu
9. Astaroth
10. Ahriman Post

SVART1 - Samael