Sabled Sun - 2147
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Sabled Sun - 2147

  • Labels Cryo Chamber
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The third album from the Sabled Suns 21xx series about a man awoken from hibernation to a world in ruins, takes us through the third year 2147. A shattered man self taught to survive in the harsh world left empty by it's predecessors, only it's mechanical children left behind. The protagonist journeys through a burned out world towards the Outer Zones and the rumored space center there, in search for answers.

1. Survival
2. Our Mechanical Children
3. Emulation
4. Inner Workings
5. Flesh
6. Journey
7. The Outer Zone
8. The Space Center
9. Hope
10. Home
11. Hibernation
12. Dreams Without A Future

Sabled Sun - 2147 (excerpt)