Skrika - Soludenia
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Skrika - Soludenia

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Skrika’s second album on Cryo Chamber follows on from Fifth Nature in its use of bold dark cinematic sound design and brooding vocal soundscapes.

The synbio, Cerria, has led a loyal group of followers to the distant planet of Soludenia, hoping to find refuge from a dying Earth. Unknown to the new settlers, in the planet’s atmosphere are microbial lifeforms that cause strange hallucinations known as the ‘Kiss of Svorle’. Rather than terraforming the planet the new inhabitants decide to adapt themselves genetically to live symbiotically with these lifeforms. For some, the Augments, this adaptation sees their human capabilities enhanced, while others, the Chimeras, have aggressive mutant side effects and are cast out. A specially adapted group of tythlotic trackers protect Cerria and her followers. Cerria laments the loss of their utopian dream while the chimera roam the dark side of the planet slowly plotting their revenge.

Written, Produced, Performed - Monty Adkins
Voice - Peyee Chen
Mastering - Erdem Helvacioglu
Artwork - Simon Heath

400 edition CD comes in a beautiful matte 6 panel digipak and includes a 16 page booklet with story text by Monty Adkins, and artwork by Simon Heath

1. Kiss of Svorle 08:07
2. Pantropic Adaptation 08:07
3. Tythlotic Trackers 08:11
4. Ice Fields of The Eidola 09:34
5. Cerria's Lament 07:09
6. Cimmerian Walkers 08:34

Skrika - Soludenia