Solco Chiuso - L'alcova d'acciaio
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Solco Chiuso - L'alcova d'acciaio

The new album of Solco Chiuso taken his title by a poetry of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and feature 9 tracks of Extreme Electronics plus 1 track in collaboration with Les Champs Magnètiques. A mixture of electronics, Industrial and noise with a touch of experimental sounds. Solco Chiuso was born in 2014 and is the solo-project of Gabriele Fagnani (Kannonau, Corazzata Valdemone).

The name means "closed rut", that was the ancient way to create loop, carving a closed rut on the vinyl and recording on it a sound that play continuously.

CD comes in a limited edition of 200 copies in a digifile.

1. Fusione dell'acciaio e della carne (voce) 04:06
2. Waiting for the light 02:08
3. Blitzkrieg 04:08
4. Syncope 03:13
5. ...on your flesh 06:20
6. Tremori 05:12
7. Cluster 05:28
8. Resonance 04:51
9. Kinky music for iron youth 03:18
10. Outro-Destruction 00:55

Solco Chiuso - L'alcova d'acciaio