Treha Sektori - The Sense Of Dust And Sheer
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Treha Sektori - The Sense Of Dust And Sheer

  • Labels Cyclic Law
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A collection of previously unreleased material from video and film works as well as material available on vinyl only and the audio material accompanying the DEHN SORA “The Sensation Of Being One Of Them” Book/CD. This last work was made in collaboration with MUDH and featuring guest vocals by Kristoffer Rygg (ULVER). Also included is the track “Onverth Emh” from the split 10” vinyl with AMENRA, the track “Dehn Semteh” from the split 10” with INNERWOUD, the track “Severh Devrah” featuring SYNDROME from the Cyclic Law 10 Year Anniversary Label Sampler and previously available as video the track “Sahe Fernah” and the track “Ehiessieh” taken from the film score for the LOST AND FOUND documentary directed by William Lacalmontie.

Edition of 300 copies in A5 digisleeve. 6 Tracks. Running Time 50:42

1. The Sense Of Dust And Sheer 25:39
2. Onverth Emh 05:19
3. Deh Semteh 06:29
4. Severh Devrah 05:00
5. Sahe Fernah 04:12
6. Ehsseieh 03:50

Treha Sektori - The Sense Of Dust And Sheer (sampler)