Ugasanie and Xerxes The Dark - Abysmal
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Ugasanie and Xerxes The Dark - Abysmal

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Ugasanie & Xerxes the Dark team up on this album exploring the darkest depths of the ocean.

The walls croak as you find your balance in the swaying research ship. A week in this storm is enough to make any mans stomach turn, but today you enter the depths of the ocean. You slap some pills into your food hole and climb to deck, the bathyscaphe stands ready.

You're 10 hours deep into the ocean when the power goes out. What the hell is going on up there? The darkness outside is thick, snake-like shadows worm around the vessel. Your trembling hand pushes down on the radio transmitter button, it's dead.

For lovers of deep drone and isolated soundscapes, you want to swim with the leviathan? This is your album.

Written, Produced, Performed: Pavel Malyshkin & Morego Dimmer
Artwork: Erik Osvald Mastering: Simon Heath

1.Ships that do not Return 08:42
2.Bathyscaphe 08:21
3.Abysmal 11:37
4.Creatures of the Depths 13:00
5.The Unseen Dead Ship 11:49
6.The Sailor's Song 06:21