Ulesa - Ulesa
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Ulesa - Ulesa

  • Labels Zoharum
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Ulesa is an entity of unknown origin and prefers to stay that way.

What we're dealing with here is a short but rewarding album of dark and ritual tribalism. This is about a half hour ride of rhythmic ambience. Strongly reverbed voices are playing the main role here. We're not sure if they are more of ritual chantings or echoes of tormented souls crying upon their fate. Nonetheless they set the eerie yet beautiful tone for the record. Drum parts are very hypnotic and trumpet and piano sounds add a cinematic touch making the tracks progress smoothly from one to another.

Despite the grim atmosphere and pretty intense tribal drumming the sound design of the album is extremely pleasant and it's hard to pull your ears away from it.

CD released in a limited edition 300 copies in digipak format.

Ulesa - Ulesa