Underwater Sleep Orchestra - Insomnolence
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Underwater Sleep Orchestra - Insomnolence

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Underwater Sleep Orchestra is a project by Bruce Moallem of God Body Disconnect and Pär Boström of Cities Last Broadcast/Kammarheit. Where their debut album was presented as two dreams from the same night, this album is for the insomniacs who stayed behind: the drifters between sleep and wake. Music calling from blurry forests of the mind.

For fans of gritty textures, eerie ambience and deep dreaming sonics. All music carefully processed through VHS tape.

Written, Produced, Performed - Bruce Moallem & Pär Boström
Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath
VHS Treatment - Bruce Moallem

300 edition CD comes in a beautiful matte 6 panel Digipak with full inside CMYK spine print.

Underwater Sleep Orchestra - Insomnolence