Undirheimar - Vardlokkur
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Undirheimar - Vardlokkur

  • Labels Cyclic Law
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Undirheimar presents 3 new offerings as a prelude to his forthcoming full length album. "Vardlokkur" marks a return to the oppressive and dark sonority of found on “Heljarrùnar" (2020), multilayered and otherworldly shamanic minimalism. This offering offers a purified approach to Undirheimar’s sound with a more simplistic and constant pulse, inviting the listener to let go of any attachments to ordinary reality and fall in the black abyss of the primordial chaos-void.

An immersive ritual experience of raw, Thursian shamanism and sonic sorcery.

Edition of 300 copies in A5 sleeve, matt lamination. 3 Tracks. Running Time 34:02

1. Grima Umheimsins 10:26
2. Ìsarnawidauz Swarté Skaduz 05:28
3. Galdra 18:00

Undirheimar - Vardlokkur