Vacant Stations - Clones
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Vacant Stations - Clones

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Awaken. Force yourself up. Draw the blinds. Grey light burns your eyes. Plug yourself in. Step out of the door and fade in to the swim....

From the first opening moments of 'Day', you already know that you are about to experience something totally different from the artist 'Vacant Stations'. As the first solemn sounding notes play out, the mood is set, hanging in the air like a heavy, dark oppressive mantle. But all is not lost...there is always hope.

Vacant Stations is an ambient project hailing from London, UK who has a background in film and video. Through his music, Vacant Stations generally hopes to conjure visuals and inspire creativity. A little bit about the thoughts behind 'Clones' in the words of the artist himself.

"Some of the motivations and intentions behind 'Clones', are mostly concerning the theme of identity: A meditation on the conflict and pressures of striving for individualism in an era of homogenisation, while considering implications about the future of human identity as it inevitably merges with the technology it creates. A self-reflexive comment on what have come to be regarded as dark ambient genre conventions. Hopefully a sense of narrative also comes through." - Vacant Stations.

All music recorded by Vacant Stations 2017. All tracks have been mastered by Cruel Sound Works. The cover concept and design is by Midnight Sun Studio ©.

The edition is presented in a 6-page full colour digi-pack. 13 tracks, running time 62:00.

Digital available via Bandcamp.

1. Day
2. Clones
3. Cordon
4. Stanza
5. Five
6. Load
7. Lapse
8. Cluster
9. Penultima
10. Stay
11. Reprieve
12. Rubberneck
13. Publix

Vacant Stations - Clones

Vacant Stations - Clones (Offiical Promo Video)


Vital Weekly

"It seems to me that one convention is surely broken here and that is Vacant Stations wants to create a varied album, one that is not strictly one thing or another and that is something I like very much. It is all very moody, and all lovers of isolationist, dark ambient and drone music should surely hear this. It is enough inside the conventions to be called just that and the album is a damn fine one." - Frans de Waard

Brutal Resonance

'This is drone done right: patience and perseverance over thirteen tracks which open and close like portals between the listener and a succession of vast echoing warehouses, tunnels and even retail spaces necessitated by our twenty-first century appetites. Expert, subtle layers of synth which occasionally fatten out into buzz and then dissolve again into hollowed submerged spaces float over a spare bassline powered by a creepiness almost sub-aural. Sometimes the whirring of wheezing, uneven machinery intrudes uneasily into this mélange like a reminder of entropy. All is not peaceful in the abandoned landscape of Clones; routine maintenance is required. Ain’t that a universal truth?" - Miccah Duckett

This Is Darkness

'The music doesn’t distract you, there are no rhythms, no samples of any kind. It is all based on the layers of deep drones intertwining one with another. They mostly are kept in quite dark shades, but there are a few moments of reflection, like in the composition called “Reprieve”. Once again, everything is perfectly mastered by Cruel Sound Works, so when it comes to the quality of the sound, you may sleep well.' - Przemyslaw Murzyn