VelgeNaturlig - Anahata
  • €14.00

VelgeNaturlig - Anahata

VelgeNaturlig has been in Reverse Alignment's view for some time now. Somewhat underground until recently when releasing "Opalescent Pust" (2017) and "Kundalini" (2018) on our very own Winter Light label.

'When approaching Reverse Alignment we didn´t hesitate to take care of the experimental soundpiece "Anāhata".

Staying true to the VelgeNaturlig format "Anāhata" is another field of sound bits that have been put together to manifest a holistic work. Carefully caressed, VelgeNaturlig delivers an almost hourly long hypnotic track, peeking and diving. Most easily described as an ocean, waving back and forth, "Anāhata" has to be explored. And felt.

Music written and mastered by Ivo Santos.
Artwork by Inês van Velze.
Cover by Kristian Widqvist.

CD comes in a digipak format limited to 200 copies.

VelgeNaturlig - Anahata (excerpt)