Vidna Obmana - Soundtrack For The Aquarium
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Vidna Obmana - Soundtrack For The Aquarium

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The next installment of VIDNA OBMANA in the Zoharum catalogue is the third album of the Dirk Serries' project, reissued here in a remastered form. It is a kind of continuation of the informal series bringing back to life long-forgotten albums of this Belgian artist. This is also a continuation of the releases created specifically for the needs of the Antwerp Zoo, the second after Hybryds' "Soundtrack for Antwerp Zoo Aquarium" CD.

The album features a total of 7 ambient compositions made between 1992-1993, mastered again by the musician himself in 2019.

The artwork is composed of the photographs by Martina Verhoeven.

The CD is released in a limited edition digipak of 400 copies.

1. Aqua 1 (Theme) 06:53
2. Aqua 2a 19:19
3. Aqua 3 07:54
4. Aqua 4 10:44
5. Aqua 2b 14:19
6. Aqua 5 07:23
7. Aqua 6 (theme) 02:30

Vidna Obmana - Aqua 4 (remastered version)